Thursday, November 15, 2012

3 Reasons to Make Friends with Creative People.

  I realized while reading through past posts that I had really good intentions of keeping this blog up (at least monthly). Well, I just wanted you to know that I know that my blog is hopelessly sporadic and random.

Moving on.

While reading said old posts I came across something important. It's about surrounding yourself with creative people. When I was young I thought this was stupid. Creative people are quiet and weird; why would any of us want to hang out and have nothing but quiet awkwardness to deal with? It's silly and I don't wanna.

 Now that I'm older and wiser (*snort*) I have come to realize that it's not silly and I have to...and so do you.

So here are my reasons why making friends with other artistic types is the best thing a creative person can do.

 1. Inspiration

 I'm just going to go ahead and steal from my own Inspiration blog post:
"Not only are (most) creatives incredibly supportive, but, generally, every word out of their mouths is something interesting/funny/epic/thought provoking...because when writers or artists have to speak (i.e. have to stop thinking about whatever they are currently working on) they make it count.  

2. Support

I have found that the more I get to know people in the writing and art community the more I feel like pushing on and trying my best. Maybe it's because I'm inspired by my colleagues, maybe it's because I know I'm not alone when I have writer's block or artist's...cramp...(sure, that's a thing), or maybe it's just because I feel more capable, happier, and supported when I have friends who share my interests and have my back.  

3. Networking

Once upon a time I was scared of networking simply because I didn't know what it meant. For those who don't know  I will tell you the magical secret. Shhh, come, closer...networking is making friends.

Not just hitting the "friend request"  button in your social network of choice, but genuinely creating true relationships and keeping in contact!  Yep, successful networking comes from a genuine desire to befriend someone.

Now, go make some friends.


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