Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Happy Bree Appreciation Day!

What is Bree Appreciation Day you ask? It is that wonderful holiday in which children of all ages dress up in the scariest costumes they can find and traipse through their neighborhoods knocking on doors and demanding candy from their neighbors...

No, wait.

It's better than that. Bree Appreciation Day is that holiday in which everyone who admires, appreciates, or adores Bree Ogden gets to show her in some fantastically creative way how they feel. (And, probably, if you wanted to wear a scary costume that would be okay).

So the real question remains; why do I admire, appreciate, or adore Bree? Allow me to make a list:

1. She likes awesome things like pin-up girls, horror, Justice League, art, literature, humor, comic books, and from what I gather, Prince.
2. She co-operates Underneath the Juniper Tree, one of my most favorite-est things on the internet.
3. She's said nice things to me. (What? So I'm a pushover)
4. She is genuinely kind and selflessly supportive to other writers and artists.
5. She is a freaking incredible writer. I still can't get her stories, Family Secrets and The Heart Eater's Society out of my head.
6. She is simply cool. And I don't mean nifty, I mean 1950's greaser-hep cat daddy-o-Frank Sinatra-chick in a cloak with a sword and two zombies on leashes - cool.
7. Finally, and most importantly, I wanted to show Bree I appreciate her because, in regard to my writing and artistic endeavors, I have never felt a greater sense of belonging, self-worth, ambition to achieve my goals, and motivation to fight against obstacles than I have since I came in contact with this incredible woman.

Thanks Bree. This is for you:
Because zombie slaying is sexy.
Feel free to download and spread the love!!!


  1. Smalls! That was a very nice blog post. That illustration is B. A. D. Ass. You are incredible.

  2. Thanks!!! YOU are incredible!